5 Best Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

5 Best Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

This Guide Will Help You Get Started

The best way to start is by identifying what cannabis concentrate is. Now that Cannabis is legal in Canada, many forms of the product are now available to suit different needs and preferences. Where do you begin?

You will find that many cannabis concentrates are perfect for the beginner consumer. Whether you are looking for CBD which provides the therapeutic effect without the psychoactive buzz or a potent THC high, concentrates are a great place to start. Maybe you’d rather be smoke-free, or you want to light up, concentrates provide that option.

Cannabis Concentrates Explained

Cannabis concentrates are extracts of the compounds found in cannabis plants. Potency can be accurately controlled and expressed, typically they are a more potent or concentrated form of the cannabis compound they are providing. Many times, concentrates express higher levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that can be from 40% to 80%.

Those interested in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis can receive a higher dose of CBD, and avoid psychoactive effects. They can also easily choose a method of dosing that does not involve smoking.

The 5 Best Cannabis Concentrate Options

There are many forms of cannabis concentrates these days. One distinct advantage to them is how varied their form, potency, and purpose. Your age, personal chemistry and tolerance level, and physical or medical condition, all determine your selection.

  1. Hash: Hash is the original cannabis concentrate. Its development and use go back thousands of years. It is also still one of the most popular types of cannabis extract. It is made from the trichomes of the cannabis flower and once formed, it is broken off into small pieces and smoked in either a pipe, bong, or vaporizer. Hash is typically potent in THC and is ideal for people looking to get high.
  2. Tinctures: Cannabis tinctures have mainly been used for medical purposes as they deliver a high and precise dose of both CBD and THC. The alcohol extraction method is used to pull out various beneficial cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. There is a wide range of flavours and potencies but proceed with caution. Tinctures are placed under the tongue and will take effect quickly. Additionally, it is one of the more highly potent extracts.
  3. Ingestible Oil Capsules: This is one of the most discrete and easiest ways to consume cannabis concentrates. Depending on the type of product, oil capsules deliver a prolonged high or prolonged relaxation. Start with a lower dose of about 5mg if you are a beginner and work up from there.
  4. Vape Oil: This is one of the most convenient ways of consuming cannabis for the beginner. This concentrate comes in a pre-filled vape pen or oil cartridge. Vape oil comes in either CBD or THC versions. The vapour produced is dense and is a highly concentrated dose of CBD or THC.
  5. CBD Oil: Made from hemp, CBD oil is a non-intoxicating form of cannabis. CBD, or cannabidiol, has proven highly effective in treating chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety or depression, and overall stress. Hemp has less than 0.03% in THC content, making it ideal for CBD extraction. Buying CBD online at Canna Wholesalers is easy and affordable, so medical patients are assured of a continual supply.

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