What is the Difference Between Hash and Weed?

What is the Difference Between Hash and Weed?

Confusion between hash and weed is fairly common among novices. Many see the two forms of cannabis as being interchangeable. Although the two come from the same source, hash, or hashish is the original concentrate or extract and is a concentrated form of cannabis with unique flavours and effects. Weed is the plant matter of the cannabis plant, specifically the flower or bud.

The origins of Hash, or hashish, go back to parts of India, Afghanistan, and Morocco. Moroccan and Afghan hash were both processed in sieves resulting in kief, whereas Indian hash was made by rolling cannabis buds in between the hands, creating an adhesive residue.

Weed is the dried and well-cured cannabis flower prepared for smoking, vaping, cooking, or making concentrates. Weed is the cannabis plant material including all of the flavours and effects that the cannabis plant offers.


The preparation of weed involves the use of the female cannabis plant that is prevented from being pollinated by a male plant. Buds are harvested before ripening, mostly in an indoor environment with proper ventilation, grow lights, and nutrients that maximize potency.

After about 8 to 12 weeks (depending upon the strain) flowers are produced, the plants are cut, and the buds are dried for two weeks, before being stored in jars for curing. This process is integral to the buds maturing, which maximizes their flavour and potency.

Hash preparation involves the separation of the trichomes from the buds. In addition to the traditional methods in India, Morocco, and Afghanistan, there is the preparation of rosin. This is done by pressing the cannabis flower in a hot press to extract a golden-coloured resin. The preparation of bubble hash uses ice water and some agitation to separate the trichomes from the flower. BHO hash uses butane to isolate the resin from the flower.

The effect of a particular hash should mirror that of the plant used to create the hash. However, it is said that hash delivers a more pure and cerebral effect than weed.


Of the two, hash is the more potent. The potency of both hash and weed varies depending upon the strain and how they are prepared, but hash will always be the stronger potency of the two. Cannabis strains are typically 15 to 30% THC, whereas hash is closer to 40 to 60% THC. BHO hash has achieved concentrations of THC reaching 90%.


Flavour does vary depending upon which strain is used, or the way it was produced, but there is a strong difference between the flavours of hash and weed. Weed delivers fresher, herbal, and more fruity aromas and flavours. Hash is a more complex combination of rich spicy flavours. Many people consider the flavour of hash to be earthier and not as “floral” as the plant it was made from.

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