Dry Weed? Here’s How to Rehydrate it

Dry Weed? Here’s How to Rehydrate it

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You can buy moist, sticky buds, but eventually, they will dry out. This is just a common occurrence and not a disastrous event. For whatever reason your bud dries out, be it prolonged exposure to sun or heat, dry air, improper storage, or maybe simply not processed well, there is no problem in rehydrating it back to life.

Common Reasons

  • Processing: Cannabis goes through a process before selling. The curing of cannabis is most important as it will determine the quality and longevity of the weed. Weed dries on the inside, which is difficult to determine unless smoked.
  • Storage: Storage is key, especially if you buy in bulk amounts. That means you’ll have to store it over a longer period. Over time, your stash will lose its moisture. Dry weed doesn’t taste good, and it doesn’t produce as good a high. You don’t want the trichomes to dry out. An airtight container, like a mason jar, in a cool dark place, is a good choice.
  • Heat: Too much heat is called Decarboxylation and it isn’t ideal. Too much heat is likely to dry out your weed so that you don’t benefit from the release of THCs and CBDs.


This is all about relative humidity and creating a microclimate. A microclimate uses all of the moisture from higher concentrated materials of that space and disperses it evenly into all the materials in that space. This continues until the moisture is evenly distributed.

Make sure to use distilled water. It is free of impurities and chemicals, so it won’t cause any harm to your cannabis.

Methods for Rehydration

  • Moist Bread: Moist bread and an air-tight container does the trick just fine. This is the use of relative humidity. If the bread is moist but not soaked and placed in an air-tight container with a good lid, the weed draws the moisture from the bread and eventually goes back to its original form. Then store the rehydrated weed in a proper jar.
  • Terra Cotta Disc: Terra cotta discs are used for a variety of humidifying situations. Chefs use them to keep brown sugar moist. They are easy to find and easy to buy. Soak the disk in warm water for 30 minutes. Place the dried weed and the terra cotta disc in a sealed container and the hydration will begin.
  • Use Fruit Peal or Herbs: Fruit peals from apples, grapes, lime, or orange are a great way to rehydrate your weed in an air-tight sealed jar. Add an herb to enhance the moisture and also infuse some additional flavour or aroma.
  • Humidity Packs: This is sort of the high-tech approach. This takes some of the challenges out of the experience. This pack will keep your weed at a consistent 62% humidity level, with no checking or adding moisture required. 62% is the optimum humidity level for bud.

Proper Storage

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. Keeping bulk amounts of cannabis fresh is essential. If you simply store your weed properly in an air-tight jar, in a cool place, not in the sun, it will last a lot longer. But rehydrating, as described above, is a great way to recover it, if it dries out.

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